First introduced to the market inthis German cartridge was designed to be used in a Luger semi-automatic. Reliable and affordable, 9mm Luger parabellum Ammunition is the best feed you can have on and off the range. Unleash some of the most successful bullets on the market with smooth feeding and reliable 9mm Luger caliber.

With a traditional copper jacket, 9mm Luger Handgun Ammunition reduces the amount of fouling in your barrel. One of the most popular military submachine cartridges in the world, 9mm Luger Ammunition is easy to clean, and even easier to use. Primarily used today by police, and for self-defense, this ammo great for target and practice shooting with a more consistent shot. These top brands such as WinchesterHornadyand Sig Sauer are perfect for high volume training, practice, defense, and plinking.

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Low shipping prices at Dan's can save you big money on your order!!! Federal Ammunition. Fiocchi USA Today, Fiocchi Ammunition is on the cutting edge of technology, producing the finest ammunition under the strictest quality standards.

These standards allow Fiocchi to satisfy a wide variety of needs, including those of avid sportsmen world-wide as well as military forces in the NATO alliance. Miscellaneous Commercial Ammo Odds and ends of recent commercial ammo. Surplus Surplus ammo from around the world.

You must be at least 21 years old to order ammo from us. Federal Law prohibits the purchase of ammunition by minors, drug addicts, convicted felons, illegal aliens, mentally ill, or those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. Additionally there may be State, or local laws that prohibit you from receiving ammunition.

Mix any four boxes of flares.

blue ammo 9mm

Your choice, specify in the Comment section. Four wax sealed bricks. Single Star 20 rounds, Two waxed sealed boxes. Multi Star 20 rounds, Two waxed sealed boxes.

Five - rd boxes. Non corrosive, German milsurp from the 90s. Non corrosive, made in Germany, milsurp from the 90s. German army surplus. For use with the short range training ammo in the G3, HK91 and some copies. Shipping included on this item. CZ Plastic projectile. View Cart.Keeping up with market demand we have introduced a more economical training round, Blue Bullets.

The Blue Bullet projectile is a hard cast lead bullet coated in a high temperature polymer. This round is highly popular with competition shooters and firearms trainers. There are a few benefits to these projectiles which include; less barrel wear, no barrel fouling, better accuracy, and of course a less expensive price.

Please note that while this round does not smoke like a lead projectile, there is some smoke associated with it. For the ultimate in no smoke please see our TMJ selection. Minuteman Munitions 9mm ammo is manufactured to satisfy both regular shooters and beginners alike. Our ultra-low-smoke, Total Polymer Jacket TPJ remanufactured 9mm ammo shoots clean and accurate to ensure consistent results time after time.

At 7 to 10 yards, the ammunition is accurate. This was more prevalent with 2 P carry variants than with a P It was interesting revelation, but will need to try it again or reserve this ammo for defensive drills at the closer distances.

12 G. Bolo Shotgun Rounds - Too EVIL to be LEGAL?

This Ammo is clean shooting, accurate, and reliable. I am on my second case of rounds and will definitely be buying more. Minuteman Blue Coat ammo is excellent! Super quality ammo and definitely well worth the price, especially compared to many other ammo reloading companies! Feeds in everything and is very well done! Would recommend for anyone. Excellent ammunition!

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Great for the range and a great price. Shipping could not have been faster. The MM team goes the extra mile; even just the short handwritten thank you on the invoice speaks volumes of the customer service and genuine passion for what this team does.

I will be a customer for life! Recently bought rounds of 9mm and went through about round on Memorial Day shoot steel and paper targets. No jams, accurate shootingminimal smoke and clean shooting. Highly recommended! Could not have had a better experience with this ammo.

I had bought 1, rounds on a Friday and had it by Saturday way sooner than expected.

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I took this ammo out on the following Saturday for a defense handgun class and it ran flawlessly, no light primer strikes and no duds in the 1, rounds I went through. The ammo shot very consistently with no stray flyers. After the class I broke down my handgun and started to clean it.So while the forums fill up with chatter, Guns. I knew there had been other experiments with plastic casing and projectiles, but I had never heard much about the results.

So I spent about 2. These are German surplus 7. These are some strange looking rounds. The Smurf blue case is plastic. The grain bullet is also plastic. The bullet and case are one. When the charge is ignited, the plastic case deforms to fit the inside of the cylinder as would a brass case.

But the pressure breaks the bullet looking end off of the case and sends it zipping downrange. These rounds were designed as short-range training rounds, so the projectile is potentially deadly at close range. Apparently not. The powder charge is small, but plenty hot enough to send a grain plastic pellet zipping out the end of the barrel.

Though AM 32 practice rounds are somewhat of a crude design and currently more companies are evolving aspects of it. Companies like PCP Ammo have adopted the plastic case, while others have adopted the plastic bullet concept. Always on Target has developed an entire training system around the plastic projectile. Short range, accurate and dependable. But their cases are still brass. After running through a box of the AM 32 bullets, I have a hard time seeing them as anything other than a novelty.

They could be useful in demonstrating the basic function of a. But the rest of us? SGAmmo, where I bought my Smurf rounds, says that you can shoot these in indoor ranges. PCP Ammo may be the first to truly get the picture. Plastics for, not the bullets, but the case!

Best 9mm Ammo of 2020 – Read Before Pulling the Trigger

Plastic is cheaper than brass. And lighter. PCP Ammo claims that their plastic cased ammunition is half the weight of the old fashioned rounds. If it is true, it is time to invest. A historical footnote. But the plastic case and the plastic bullet are ideas whose time has come. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR perform when put to the test? Read on to find out. The Sig Sauer P was the first. After more than a year's worth of use, where do I stand on the P? Let's find out.This ammo is manufactured by Prvi Partizan in Serbia who manufactures ammo for military use around the world, and is well known for their superior quality ammunition.

This is some premium quality ammunition. It comes packed in 20rd. Rifle ammunition made by PPU, desire of many hunters, is real diamond in the rifle of every passionate hunter. Designed according to market demands, improved by precious suggestions of hunters, PPU ammunition is the result of up-to-date technical and technological solutions, long-term special research work of ballistics and hunting experts. It is made of high-quality raw materials and components carefully chosen according to its application.

blue ammo 9mm

Boxer-primed, reloadable, non-corrosive. Prvi Partizan.

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Affordable plinking and hunting ammo! This is Prvi Partizan. This ammo is manufactured by Prvi Partizan in Serbia. The Prvi partizan ammunition plant manufactures ammo for military use around the world, and is well known for their superior quality ammunition.

Quality brass cased ammunition that's affordable to stock up on or use as a primary range round. Great value for the money. If you've been dreading taking your. Prvi Partizan 6.

blue ammo 9mm

Muzzle Velocity: fps. Muzzle Energy: ft-lbs. Also PPU is a excellent home defense round. Packaged in a round case containing 20 50 round boxes. Packaged in a 50 round box. Ammo 8mm Ammo. If you would like us to email you when it is back in stock, send along your email address This item is currently out of stock.

Facebook Like Us. Twitter Follow Us. Email Address:.GunMann is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Parabellum the name derives from the German manufacturer's telegraph code dates from the turn of the 20th century, served as a weapon in both world wars, and became something of a European standard as well.

While the sizeable 9mm service sidearms proved useless for civilian everyday carry, the cartridge aroused a lot of interest nonetheless, as NATO standardized it.

The 9mm Parabellum has, in recent years, become almost the world-standard handgun cartridge for LE agencies. The use of the 9mm as a sporting or defensive round has grown alongside or slightly in the wake of its official popularity. Whereas the selection of a compact carry weapon CCW is relatively easy, ammunition selection is a complicated job, especially if you are in the market for the best 9mm self-defense ammo.

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A 9mm bullet has to achieve adequate penetration to disrupt the vital organs, stop the bad guy, and not cause any collateral damage. A heavier bullet penetrates barriers better and causes more damage if it remains in one piece.

All well-made defense rounds should demonstrate excellent weight retention ; i. Its modest dimensions permit the use of high capacity, double-column magazines in pistols. It is precisely the firepower factor that has led many American police departments, as well as sporting shooters worldwide, to prefer the 9mm.

However, recent technological developments in bullet and propellant design have contributed to the 9mm's skyrocketing popularity. The 9mm caliber is having something of a renaissance these days because people are more interested than ever in concealed carry compact pistols purpose-built for constant wear and reactive use. In the world of personal defense, the 9mm has become the most popular concealed carry caliber due to the solid ballistics, wide selection of self-defense ammunition, lower recoil, and affordability.

But in a gunfight, the guy who wins is the one who can place well-aimed shots at the right time and we recognize that training and practice are mandatory to every handgun owner. Compared to other high-powered handgun cartridges, 9mm ammunition is less expensive, especially when purchased in bulk.

That same lower cost also encourages handgun owners to practice more for less money. However, you have to differentiate between the 9mm ammunition intended for defensive purposes and the practice ammo that you would use for the range.

For training and even plinking, you can purchase FMJ ammo cases or buckets of or more in order to lower the cost per round.

On the other hand, many experts have advocated for years the "bigger is better" theory of defensive handgun rounds, but with engineering and performance of modern 9mm cartridges, lighter and faster 9mm projectiles can rival the slower and heavier.Products found: Search results for: in 64 ms.

blue ammo 9mm

Selected products for comparison: 0 Comparar. Ammo is a critical resource if you are going to be doing any type of shooting. Whether you are hunting, going out for a day at the range for some fun, going to your local three-gun or trap-shoot competition, or are looking for ammunition to carry for law enforcement, duty, home defense or concealed carry we have the ammunition for sale that you are looking for.

Handguns Rifles Shotguns Types. DEGuns Ammo. Add to cart. Blazer 9mm Luger gr FMJ. Federal American Eagle Penetrator 5.

Federal American Eagle 5. American Eagle gr 9mm. American Eagle AE Out of Stock. Ammunition For Sale at great prices! Ammunition type descriptions: Jacketed Soft-point JSP : This type of ammunition was designed to fill the niche between full-metal jacket and hollow point ammunition, the tip of the round is exposed lead with the rest being copper jacketed providing better expansion than a normal full-metal jacket, and providing better penetration than a hollow point.

Balistically they perform very similar to a normal round, providing a similar accuracy and performance to a non-jacketed bullet. The design of the JSP round makes it ideal for states where hollow point rounds are restricted, and where the desired penetration is not found from hollow points.

However, due to the in-between nature of the JSP when compared to hollow point or full-metal jacket makes it perform less than desirably than either of those rounds in their respective environs.

Jacketed Hollow Point JHP : Jacketed Hollow-Point ammunition is designed to expand on impact with a target, causing it to expend more of its energy than if it went through the target. This has the effect of not passing through whatever you are shooting and hitting something behind it, as it will expend its energy faster than a traditional round or a full-metal jacket round.