The iConx user interface is custom designed to enhance your workflow and patient interaction. The innovative, icon driven timeline employs multitouch gestures to allow easy navigation through your data. Vital information is available directly on the home screen, with more detailed information a single tap or multitouch gesture away.

You can document directly on the iPad using a voice recording function or using Nuance Speech recognition, all while navigating the patient chart.

The scribble pad allows you to take notes during the patient visit and save them to your EHR in a custom data field for later access. A series of blank templates are available or you can easily design and import your own sheets that match the needs of your specific practice.

The iConx EHR user interface requires a connection to a middle tier database to function. I only downloaded for accident but is really good as an agenda my mom is a doctor and she liked it :. App Store Preview. Dec 8, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Medical. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPad. Languages English. Price Free.

How to Download and Install Samsung Gear Manager App For Android and iOS Device

License Agreement. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

Practice EHR.But later on, when I tried to connect to my IconX again I encountered some issues, although minor, they are really irritating. I have to repeatedly spam the connect button, or maybe place the earbuds back into the case, wait awhile and reopen and try again, before they finally connect on the app and I can see the battery level etc. Next I meddled abit with the workout earbuds, switching to left, and then back to right again. All of a sudden the tap controls for my music and stuffs was on my right earbud, and removing my earbuds from my ear will pause everything, either Youtube or Spotify.

Now this is unacceptable as I'm using a single earbud quite often, and I reinstalled the Gear App and repaired, this time this problem is gone, but my tap controls remained on the right earbuds. Edited: The problem of removing right earbuds to pause media occurred again.

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Go to Solution. I just wanted to let you know that we are discussing this same topic over on this thread. I'm happy to help both threads, but it may be easier if we consolidate into one thread. View solution in original post. Hey, Symphonywould you mind sending me a PM so that I can get some more specifics about your device? Your answers are terrible, there is no fix an you want people to say its been solved?

Fix the earbuds and stop begging for handouts. Hey, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to touch base and see if you are able to provide any of this information about your device. Hello, I am using Gear IconX for a while now without any issues. But this morning, it connected to my phone normally, but when I tried to play music, it's playing through my phone. I already tried reconnecting and reseting the buds but still gets the same issue.

Kindly assist. I am having the same issue with the constantly pausing. I have tried changing the workout ear bud and when I have both in I don't have much of a problem but one only one is in everytime I bend over or turn my head it seems to pause. This does seem to have something to do with the motion detected by your earbud. Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Symphony Constellation.Here, you can download Samsung gear manager app on your android, iOS.

Gear IconX Plugin

When connected to your Android or iOS devices, Samsung Gear Manager lets you use all the features of your device on your wrist thus saving you the difficulty of moving your relatively larger phone in hand. The Samsung galaxy gear manager is the very well-design and intelligent companion for your android and iOS devices. And Samsung has to provide most handy functionality and easy to people attract. In the trends of smart devices Wearable technology is unique.

Though previously restricted to Samsung manufactured devices only but now they have allowed it to be used on other third party Android devices as well. Although you will have to know about the compatibility of your device with Galaxy Gear before installing it.

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Once you have the Samsung Gear Manager installed on your device you will be able to use the same features as a galaxy user enjoys. Here, Samsung Gear Manager App is all android devices to supported. Now follow the steps to download and install gear manager app on your android.

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The Gear Manager App for the iPhone is currently not available, although it was expected at the start of the year. Whilst we wait for the iOS Gear Manager app to become available users are using the Leaked version that became available.

Now easy to use Gear Manager App on Smart watch and download the new gear apps on your wearable. You can also check foxfi key apk.

Now, follow these steps to get started. Now you can play with different watchfaces, health apps, etc on your Gear S2, S3 or Fit 2 connected with your favourite iPhone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mobile Info. Home Mobile All Android Iphone. Download Free Android Software Apps.

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Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery.I just got a pair of the IconX headphones and they paired succesfully when I first opened them. I was switching the main earbud from right to the left and the Gear Manger App shut down unexpectedly. Ever since I have not been able to connect by earbuds to each other nor the phone. The Gear Manager wont pick them up, the bluetooth wont pick them up. I cant reset them via the app becuase they arent found.

I've reset them manually several times. I've followed the troubleshooting steps on the website but still no connection.

All I get when I first put them in my ear and press to see if I can manually put them in pairing mode even though I know thats not how its done is to please insert the main earbud to access this feature. The same thing happens to both earbuds, which leads me to believe that at this point neither is the main earbud and therefore unable to connect to any device.

If anyone knows how to set these earbuds into pairing mode that would be great Sorry for the long message but I tried to put as much info as possible. Thanks in advance.

Looking to maybe replace these with the Powerbeats3 :- although I love all my Samsung gadgets! Go to Solution. Same thing happened to me, i let my sister use my ear buds and lord behold she did who knows what and she got a warnig saying it will not pair or something.

So me being the tech of the family even though im no IT i do know how to fix tech issues. And i did press that button when i was resetting my ear buds and uninstalling the gear app i pressed that button and nothing happened becouse no site even mentioned the button not even the manuel so i thiught it was useless. View solution in original post. Have you tried uninstalling the Gear Manager app and then installing it again to see if it will pick them back up afterward?

Thank you for the suggestion, I've disabled and enabled the app as you really cant uninstall it.

Samsung Gear IconX review: Almost perfect, but with one fatal flaw

I hostley dont think its the phone or the app, my Gear S and Gear Circle connect just fine. My bluetooth wont even pick them up and I also tried to install them on my S6. Alternately, if you haven't had them for too long, it might also be easier to get an exchange from the place of purchase. Or do I have first select the songs on the Apple Music App and then they will appear in the option?

So this solution above does nothing for the people that dont have the blue tooth button on the back of the icon x charger caseThese buds have the advanced dual microphone technology that enables you to enjoy incredible sound quality irrespective of the surrounding noise.

The active battery life on these wireless earbuds allow you to stay immersed for up to 11 hours on a single charging. The other old Gear IconX feature excellent design and functions to enjoy the enhanced connectivity.

samsung gear iconx iphone app

Its music player allows you to install your favorite playlist from your phone. You can also create a separate playlist for the gym. Gear IconX has user-friendly features and lets you enjoy the enhanced audio quality. Its ergonomic design lets you stay tuned and enjoy every activity hassle-free. Let us see how to update both of these devices with the latest version and ensure optimal performance.

Ensure that both the earbuds are kept at charging case and they are open. From the connected phone open apps and launch the Galaxy Wearable app. When the latest software version is available, the Galaxy Wearable app will automatically notify you. Just touch Update and select Install Now option and follow the procedure. You can also manually check for the update.

While updating the software, earbuds will disconnect from the phone, and after the completion of the update, they automatically reconnect with the phone.

You can also update the software from the computer. The process here is slightly different from the previous one. First of all, ensure that you have installed compatible software for earbuds on the PC. After that, make sure you have kept earbuds on charging cases. To join the buds with the computer, turn on Bluetooth from Settings. The PC software will notify you about the updates, and you have to select for updates and follow the procedure. After the successful completion of the update installation, disconnect earbuds from the PC and connect them with your phone or tablet.Connect with the Samsung Gear app to enjoy various features.

With the Samsung Gear app, you can create, view, and share content on your smartphone, and enjoy various features by connecting Gear Main features : - Connect to and disconnect from Gear Gear lets you easily create, view and share your memorable experience with high quality videos and photos in a simple fashion.

Please check compatible smartphone list at the official Homepage. Update many weeks later to Samsung: well get used to it. Why would we update it now. Google updates daily! Well move on and purchase something else. I needed one anyways. Thanks Samsung! Your lack of action speaks volumes. Still waiting for an update to iOS 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? Is there an estimate of when Samsung will make this device work again for iOS.

samsung gear iconx iphone app

Dear user, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. The development team has been made aware of the issue and they have been working for a while to fix it. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon. We'd appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the matter.

My company bought this for business use and I will be suggesting alternatives as we cannot obtain the necessary media for the advertisement portion of our business.

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Just wish their was more options in the settings, otherwise it works good. Requires iOS App Store Preview. Description Connect with the Samsung Gear app to enjoy various features.There's been plenty of talk around the Samsung Gear IconX; though they are definitely a solid pair of true wireless earbuds, they have one fatal flaw: the battery life.


The Gear IconX have a great fit, and never fell out of my ear during exercise. As the headphone jack disappears from more and more devices, the push towards Bluetooth headphones is a continually growing market. With that comes the push for more unique and futuristic designs that will make people happy about ditching cables, such as true wireless earbuds. There are plenty of options available ranging from small off-brand models you can find online, to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Of course, there are options like the Apple AirPodsbut Samsung released an impressive pair of true wireless earbuds dubbed the Gear IconX. These have plenty of fanfare around them, and they have a lot of great features. Then again, those benefits come at a hefty cost, so should you suck it up and get a pair anyway? New and relevant information was also added throughout. There have been plenty of new releases since the release o this review. Notably, even those picks have fared better in our battery testing than the Icon X which remain at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to battery life testing.

That means that the original Icon X will likely drop in price once there is a newer version making them an easier buy for most people. Of course, none of the cons in this review change just because the price has dropped, but it does make the issues a little more palatable. The IconX have quick charging that gives you a claimed one hour of playback in ten minutes.

I was using the iPhone X and connecting was just as simple as connecting to any other Bluetooth device. Once paired, the earbuds automatically turn on and connect to your phone as soon as you take them out of the case, which is always something I expect with true wireless earbuds. As far as playback controls go, nothing is OS-specific. Double-tapping answers a phone call, and tapping once and holding rejects a call. You can also double tap and hold to choose between playlists, because the Gear Icon X has 4GB of built-in storage.

This means that you can exercise without your phone. Playback was also fairly solid with only a few dropped connections in during my testing period. Samsung has a good reputation when it comes to build quality, and the Samsung Gear IconX is no exception.

I find it easier to chuck it into a backpack instead of finding space in my pockets. When you remove the earbuds from their case they automatically connect to the last paired device.

In my opinion, one of the best features of these earbuds is the fit. Of course, they do come with some other options, so you can find which one works best for you. They come in black, white, or pink, so you can choose which one best matches your workout clothes all-black everything in my case. Which brings me to one of my biggest complaints about these earbuds: the playback controls.

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Rather than buttons, Samsung went with small, touch-sensitive pads on the earbuds. And they suck. To the point where if someone came up to ask me something, I would just take the earbuds out of my ear rather than bother trying to tap them. Whoever it was at Samsung that designed these earbuds and dipped them into the River Styx must have been holding them by the battery.

Though Samsung claims about five hours of constant streaming, we barely managed to scrape 1.