Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. This is not for support -- post questions in General Discussion. Configure the amount of skill you want at the beginning. Important: - UOS does not have a path find function so I've made a sort of "unstuck heuristic" in order to better reach the pet and avoid being stuck to an unreachable pet; - Releasing a pet also depends on your animal lore skill, do not lock that skill at 0, I recommend locking it around 50 points; - Keep in mind the server rules wont allow you to train animal taming while AFK, watch your macro.

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Thanks for that. You may not be MB, but you're damn close buddy. Discord : Kain Ajani likes this. It's a group of friends guild" -Centurian Vendor!! Thanks, Haswell! The Silvertiger likes this. Made In Quebec wrote: Some people's pleasure are sticking vegetables up their asses. While it's not my personal cup of tea, they can do as they please, since it's their asshole's and not mine, and I will not judge them.

ZigZag likes this. I've got my animal lore locked at 0 so I'll gain better in taming, but I don't have enough lore to use the 'xx release' command. It will only work through single click and context menu. I know how to use the context menu and release a pet based on a serial, but not from a pushlist of grapic types.

Code: Select all msg 'trashpet release'. Code: Select all waitforcontext 'trashpet' 8 waitforgump 0xcc I ended up just manually releasing until I got to taming.Discussion in ' UOSteam ' started by khajjaJul 1, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. All of these worked well at one point in time. I have not tested them in the last year minimum and they have not been adjusted for recently change spell times. Adjust as needed.

Purple Pot Macro Code:. All of this is legal. And I don't use any of this. Do keep up. I am not really sure you would want a lot of that stuff running while fighting.

That PvP dummy looks like it would screw you out of getting off a kill shot because it kicked in to give you a heal. Young StarJul 1, This isn't the PvP forum. Keep flaming out of this forum. Also pretty sure that pot chucker will end up throwing a pot if anyone around you says 2 from their own pot. I believe other people's potion timers are reflected as coming from them not system.

POWER members have been scripting purple pots for years, no harm in letting others do it too now. GluttonySDSJul 1, All journal scans are supposed to be limited to server messages.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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uosteam macros

On Vista with virtualization on, the file is here. Note that the AppData folder is hidden. You can find the shortcuts. Tested with Notepad v6. The macro definitions are held in shortcuts. You can copy the whole file, or copy the tag and paste it into shortcuts. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 9 years ago. Active 1 month ago. Viewed k times.

uosteam macros

I have recorded a macro that I want to share with my work colleague. In what location are these recorded macros saved, so that I can add it to his machine? I came up with a macro that does exactly that and wanted to export it for almost the same reason and found your post.

For those looking to actually program macros in python : npppythonscript. Active Oldest Votes. I added the 'abc' macro as a proof-of-concept. Cos Callis 4, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 55 55 bronze badges. Harrison Harrison 8, 1 1 gold badge 27 27 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges.

I found that I had to edit the shortcuts. It's possible to merge several macro in one the operation will be done one after the other. Just deleted some old macros and made a new macro. For me the macros where saved or deleted to shortcuts. Wolf 7, 4 4 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 87 87 bronze badges.

Thell Thell 5, 26 26 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges.At this point in the Client Options you should see the path to your client if not, repeat the process. Remove encryption: This check is always enabled if you want to play in the freeshards. Port: Here indicated, however, the port number of which benefits the shard you want to connect. Start: Clicking this button will open the game screen where you enter your username and password.

Search for Updates: By clicking this button you can check for any new program updates things that, I think, also takes place automatically when the launcher. General This tab contains functions for the general management of the game.

Light: filters the sun goes down and then always have light.

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Sounds: filters the sounds of the game no more animal noises, footsteps, screams, spells, etc. Music: filters out background music no more melodies.

UO Forever AFK Macro Magery

Seasons: Weathers: filters the weather no more rain, snow, etc. Death: filters the view when you die no more black and white things so to speak. Trade window: filters the trade window between you and another player you will not see more. Veteran rewards: filters the selection window of the veteran rewards you will not see more. Fame messages: filters the messages that you report the loss or acquisition of fame you will not see more.

Karma messages: filters the messages that you report the loss or acquisition of karma you will not see more. Snooping messages: filters messages that indicate if someone is trying to open a backpack or that of someone close to you you will not see more. Repeated messages: filters the messages repeated in a fast sequence, for example, if you hold down the button to cast a spell and tells you the time that you are already by casting you will not see more.

Other speech color:. Light: Used to adjust the brightness of the game. Move the lever to the left to make it darker, right for the opposite. Opacity: It is to decide the opacity of the program window. Move the lever to the left to make it more transparent, right the opposite. Negotiate features with server: Some shard require that this option is enabled in order to moderate some of the functions of the program.

Minimize to system tray: When you put in the window icon of UOS, will end up on the bar near the clock. Save passwords: Used to store the password of your account of course not visible. From this moment on, your password is saved, to enter the shard you simply enter the username in the gump to access the game.April 09,AM. Home Help Login Register.

uosteam macros

Please login or register. March 04,PM. Evolution "The Game has Evolved" www. UO Evolution Custom Shard www. Ultima Online - Fishing - UO Steam Script Macro This macro will fish a target location and cut the fish into steaks then organize your bags so all the junk will be in a bag and the fish steaks go to your fishing bag. Code: [Select]. Auto Heal Pets Code: [Select]. March 12,PM. March 13,PM. Heals 2 pets.

Heals Lowest pet as long as it is within 1 tile. March 17,PM. Smilingdeath Sr. Here is a site that I use for some UOSteam macros, sometimes they need a little tweaking for this server though.

April 12,AM. I'm really picky about my targeting system, so I made this alternate tab-target style macro. I like to tame things, explore new areas, and craft. November 06,PM. Train Carpentry - UOS Macro I decided to post this handy script i wrote, it trains carpentry from 30 to fully automated. All you need is a bag with boards and ingots, at least 50 tinkering, and at least 1 tinker tool in you backpack. At some point the macro starts crafting "ballot box", which come deeded. Discord - UOS Macro This is a macro that I crafted, basically it asks for target to discord, it will follow until that target has been discorded then ask for new target: Code: [Select].

SMF 2. Page created in 0.Scripting Documentation. UOS - Scripting Documentation. Last updated on April, Object Inspector. UOS scripting language is a "command based" language, it is easy to use and requires very basic programming knowledge, its power and flexibility is given by its commands, which can be found in this documentation. In this section we will show you its syntax, explaining symbols and structures.

Commands and Parameters. As mentioned before this is a "command based" language, that being said understanding how to run commands is an important step. This documentation provides you a list of every command avaliable on UOS, it will also show you its supported parameters, for example:.

Note that all parameters are shown inside of parenthesis or brackets. What does it mean? It is simple, all parameters inside parenthesis are mandatoryrequired for the command to be executed, on the other hand, all parameters inside brackets are optional. You also must respect the parameters order, check out the samples below:.

Correct pushlist 'fruits' 'apple' pushlist 'fruits' grape 'front' pushlist 'fruits' 'lemon' 'back' pushlist 'fruits' 'star fruit' pushlist 'fruits' "japan's melon" 'front'.

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Important: text parameters can be written without quotes or inside of single quotes and double quotes; be careful because if you want to pass a parameter that has aphostrophe you must use double quotes, otherwise single quotes are just fine. In case it is a compound text such as "star fruit" make sure quotes are being used otherwise you'd be passing "star" as a parameter and "fruit" as another.

Always using double quotes is an advised best practice. Loops and Conditions. Check below our supported loops and conditional statements structures. Structures if statement elseif statement else endif while statement endwhile for value endfor for start to end endfor for start to 'list name' endfor for start to end in 'list name' endfor. Keywords break continue stop replay not statement statement and statement statement or statement.

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Lets suppose you want to say "I love UOS! How can we code that? We would have to use a "for" because that way we can define how many times we want the code to repeat:.

The second line starts our "for" loop and specify how many times we want this to repeat, in this case Third line is also a comment, line 4 has a msg command that sends a message in game, passing "I love UOS!

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Last line sysmsg command will print a system message letting we know the loop has ended. Now lets take a better look at the script above. Now it will keep repeating until your character is dead instead of repeating only 10 times, pay attention to the statement: "not dead" combined by dead conditional command and "not" keyword.

What if I'm sick? Try to cure. The keyword "break" will quit our "while" loop and sysmsg command will be executed because it is outside the "while" loop, note that waitfortarget command expects a timeout parameter also in milliseconds, in this case 5 seconds. We have added to our script a conditional statement using poisoned command. Use keyword "stop" to completely stop a macro and "replay" to restart playing your current macro.

In case you want to play a different macro look for playmacro command. There are currently 2 supported symbols that applies to our syntax:.Discussion in ' Guides ' started by HateCrimeAug 8, Log in or Sign up.

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UO:R Forums. Joined: May 14, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I figured I would share my lumberjacking macro with everyone.

uosteam macros

Since you cannot gather resources afk here, this macro works perfect. You stand on the east side of a tree and hit play with an axe in your hand. The macro will do everything for you, including cutting the logs into boards. All you need to do is put the boards in your bank or packhorse. The macro will also tell you when to move to the next tree by shouting "Next Tree! Loop Assistant. IfAction 8 -1 0 Assistant.

DressAction Axe Assistant. EndIfAction Assistant. HotKeyAction Assistant. WaitForTargetAction 5 Assistant. TargetRelLocAction -1 0 Assistant. PauseAction IfAction 4 0 harvest Assistant. SpeechAction 0 52 3 ENU 0 next tree! IfAction 5 1 Assistant.

UOSteam Macros

WaitForTargetAction 3 Assistant. TargetTypeAction False Assistant. PauseAction Assistant.